PPI Claim Letter

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Abbey | Abbey National PPI


Abbey National was once Britain's biggest building society but like many building societies it de-mutualised to become a bank in the 1990's and was then taken over by the spanish bank Santander

How do I claim for Abbey National PPI refunds?

Santander Bank are responsible for all claims for PPI to be made against Abbey and Abbey National and so you should send your claim letter to them. If you can prove you were mis-sold a payment protection insurance policy by Santander, you could make a claim.

Santander are liable for any payment protection policies that were mis-sold by Abbey, in the same way that you would have to continue making repayments on a loan taken out before the company was taken over.

There is a high chance that your claim will succeed. Santander's pre-tax profits were halved in 2011 due to the sheer numbers of PPI claims that they had had to pay out on.


To make a claim you need to contact Santander at:

Abbey National PPI Claims
PO Box 6197
Milton Keynes
MK10 1UY

How do I make a claim for an Abbey National PPI payment?
You have a number of options. you can use the ombudsman PPI questionnaire or you can use a standard form template and write directly to Santander.











Beware of using downloadable forms. You don't need to download our forms - just copy and paste the text into your own Word Document.

When you make your PPI claim against make sure that you remember to keep a copy and it's always best to send it by registered post.

If you do not hear with the outcome of your claim from Santander within 8 weeks or if you feel your claim has not been dealt with fairly you should contact the financial ombudsman.