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PPI Claim Letter Template

Many companies that have missold PPI pay out with a minimum of fuss. They encourage people to use a standard form PPI claim letter template, and promise to deal with your claim within 8 weeks, with a payout if your case is agreed within a further 14 days. Many providers also have a dedicated helpdesk for people to make enquiries about mis sold PPI.

If after you have sent in your PPI complaint letter you do not hear from the loan provider with a decision within 8 weeks, then you should chase them up and threaten to go to the financial ombudsman. If they refuse your claim and you are convinced that your claim is valid, then you should write to them giving them 14 days to reconsider or else you will take your case to the ombudsman. Only as a last resort would you normally need to employ the services of a solicitor to pursue your PPI claim.

In the right hand column are links to claims templates that you can use or modify to suit your purposes.

Did You Know?

Banks and other financial institutions have set aside £9 billion for PPI payouts.*

Last year alone, over £1.9 billion was paid out to PPI refund claimants

*source: moneysavingsexpert


PPI Claims Letter Templates

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