PPI Claim Letter

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TSB PPI claim form

To make a PPI claim from TSB you don't need to employ a claims to claim on your behalf - you can make a claim simply yourself using a TSB PPI claim download. Thousands of customers have succesfully made their own claim and as a result have kept all the money that has been refunded to them rather than paying commission to 3rd parties. If you think you have a claim for how your (PPI) Policy was sold by TSB Bank, it's easy to make the PPI claim yourself - you need no special skills or legal knowledege. In fact many banks and building societies would rather deal with their own customers directly and honestly than deal with claims management companies who will take a cut of your refund. TSB deals with all complaints equally, whether by the individual concerned or a claims company


When will I hear if my TSB PPI claim is succesful?

If you are claiming back PPI yourself, you should receive an acknowledgement letter from the company within a few days and a final decision within two months. There will be no difference in how quickly your claim is dealt with whether you are using a claims agent or if you are claiming back PPI payments yourself.

Most companies undertake to deal with your case in exactly the same way and to the same timescale whether you are making the claim or someone else is doing so on your behalf.




TSB PPI Claim letter form


Claiming back PPI from TSB is a simple process. You apply direct to the company who sold you the product in the first place. You can write a simple claim letter to the company explaining your grounds for complaint, or use one of our template letters or using the financial ombudsman's form.

Make your TSB PPI claim today using our TSB PPI Claim letter.

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or phone TSB PPI on 0800 151 0292