PPI Claim Letter

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Clydesdale PPI Claims

Clydesdale bank was originally incorporated in 1838 in Glasgow, Scotland and was an independent bank until it was taken over by Midland Bank in the 1920's. It is now one of only 3 Scottish banks that can print it's own banknotes. It is owned by CYBG plc along with Yorkshire bank.

If you think you were mis-sold PPI by the Cydesdale Bank either in connection wioth a bank account, credit card or loan then you should contact them as soon as possible at their Glasgow office

Clydesdale Bank PPI Claim Address
PPI Team
2nd Floor
57 Queen Street
G1 3ER

On what grounds might you make a Clydesdale PPI Claim?

These questions may help you to decide if the Clydesdale PPI policy you have or had was missold to you and you should make a claim. Top 5 reasons. You may need to claim on behalf of someone else in which case you need to make a PPI information request to:

PPI Information Request
3rd Floor
Granite House
31 Stockwell Street
G1 4RZ





Safe as houses! You don't have to download our PPI claim form with the attendant risks of downloading something harmful to your PC - just copy and paste our forms into a Word Document.


Make sure you keep a copy of everything you send to the bank or other lender and it's always best to send it by registered post.

It is important that making PPI claims from Clydesdale bank are possible if either you did not agree to the service, or want or need it. There are also cases where people have agreed to use and pay for the service, but after their loan agreement finished, they realised that they did not need it but carried on paying. However, just because you did not use it during the period, does not necessarily mean that they are due a refund.

Call the PPI advice line.