PPI Claim Letter

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Egg PPI Claims


In 2008 Egg Bank hit the headlines when it was fined £721,000 by The Financial Services Authority (FSA) in connection with the sale of payment protectio insurance. Payment protection insurance is designed to cover a borrower if they are unable to make monthly payments due to accident, sickness or redundancy.



The FSA's report on Egg PPI highlighted significant failings with Egg's approach to selling of PPI finding that the company had 'used inappropriate sales techniques to try and persuade customers to buy payment protection insurance even when the customers had made it clear they did not want the cover.' The FSA found there were failings with approximately 40% of all telephone sales of PPI that took place between January 2005 and December 2007. The FSA was particular critical of Egg as it found the company was still training staff to persuade customers to take out the payment protection cover using what it called 'objection handling.' This involved over-empathising positive features of the cover as well as offering the customer the chance to take up the cover and cancel it later if they did not want it.

The FSA also found that in a significant proportion of sales operators failed to get clear confirmation they were happy to hear only limited information regarding the payment protection cover. In some cases the FSA even found PPI had been added despite the fact the customer had clearly refused it.

As a result of the FSA findings Egg stopped telephone sales of PPI and many unhappy customers came forward to make payment protection insurance claims against the bank.

Make your claim

If you have been mis-sold a PPI policy on a credit card or a loan, mortgage or hire purchase agreement then you have the right to claim a refund. There is no limit to the number of claims you can make and you can even claim if your loan is paid off or you no longer use your credit card.




Beware of using downloadable forms. You don't need to download our forms - just copy and paste the text into your own Word Document.

When you make your claim make sure that you remember to keep a copy and it's always best to send it by registered post.

If you do not hear with the outcome of your claim from Egg /Barclays within 8 weeks you should contact the financial ombudsman.