PPI Claim Letter

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PPI Claim Letter

You can initiate your PPI claim today using our PPI claim letter templates. Just follow the following 5 steps:

yes Gather together all the relevant paperwork

yes Check whether you have a valid claim for PPI refund

yes Download the PPI claim letter template most relevant to you

y Add in your personal details to the PPI template

y Take a copy of the PPI claim letter for your records


Using a PPI claim letter template

Providers of financial produts are required to ensure that you know what you are buying and that it is an appropriate product for your circumstances. If the organisation that sold you PPI broke the rules then you can make a reclaim .

If you make a claim for PPI refund you should receive a letter of acknowledgement of your PPI claim letter shortly after you have sent it to the loan provider and will then hear the result of your claim within just eight weeks.

Be aware though that PPI can provide genuine, valuable cover and not all PPI was mis-sold. You need to show for instance that either you didn't need it (for instance if you were already unemployed), you didn't know you had it (if maybe it was bundled into the loan agreement and that you didn't even realise it was a separate item) or if you were told that it was compulsory as part of the loan or credit card agreement. You may also have a valid reclaim if you can show that undue pressure was put on you to take out the PPI policy in the first place.

Making a UK claim with a simple PPI claim letter template is easy.

Did You Know That?

Banks and other financial institutions have already set aside £9 billion to pay PPI claims

Last year alone, over £1.9 billion was paid out to PPI refund claimants

Not all PPI claims are valid. The BBC reports that many banks and building societies receive thousands of bogus PPI claims every month. However, if you genuinely believe you have a good case, you shouldn't let that put you off.

People seeking compensation for the mis-selling of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) have until 29 August 2019 to make a claim.

Time is running out before the August deadline. Use a PPI claim letter download.

PPI Claim


PPI Claim Letters

Many thousands of people in ther UK have successfully claimed for mis-selling of PPI using standard form ppi claim letter templates. You don't need to pay for an expensive lawyer to represent you, neither do you need to take the no win no fee option where your entitlement may be reduced by the lawyers fees. It is simple to make the claim yourself - you can download a PPI claim letter.

The financial ombudsman requires banks and building societies to give people equal treatment, whether their claim is handled by a claims company, a solicitor or if they do it themselves.

Lloyds bank are the latest to increase the money they have set aside for PPI claims having recently announced that they are allocating an extra 350 million.