PPI Claim Letter

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PPI Claim Letter - making your own claim

The main benefit of making a ppi compensation claim yourself is that you get to keep all the money. Just because a claims handler offers a now win no fee deal, doesn't mean there's no fees. It just means that there's no fees if you don't win your claim! If you are succesful the claims handler's fees are paid out of your compensation.

That being said, there are certainly many reasons why making a PPI claim yourself may not be the best option. Making a PPI claim yourself requires a fair amount of paperwork and it can be helpful to have a claims handler who will help you and do some of the legwork for you.

Whilst some people may feel scared of taking on the big financial institutions themesleves, there is really no need to Just do everything in a simple methodical way, use the template letters on this site and keep a copy of everyhtring you send them.

If you do decide to take investigate a PPI claims handler make sure you don't actually sign up with them till you are definitely happy with the service they will provide and the cost.




Beware of downloadable forms. You don't have to download our form - just copy and paste it into a Word Document

This PPI claim letter is for use when PPI was added to your payments without your knowledge. If there are additional factors that suggest that the PPI was mis-sold you can add them where indicated .

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