PPI Claim Letter

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PPI Claim Letter - choose the letter that matches your circumstances

PPI was added to my loan without me knowing

I was told that PPI was mandatory

The only quote I received for the product included PPI

I was already or about to become unemployed or retired

The length of the PPI agreement was different to the length of the loan

"Send off a ppi claim letter and receive your cash within weeks"

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Complaints to the Financial Ombudsman

The Financial Ombudsman service was set up to deal with complaints from the public about those organisations and companies offering financial services. The Financial Times reports that in the financial year to April 2012 there was a rise of 28% in complaints. The bulk of the increase is represented by complaints over mis sold PPI - a 50% increase for these particualr types of complaint.

There were just over 150,000 of these complaints and suprisingly over two thirds of these complaints were made by claims management companies rather than the actual victim of the mis-selling themselves.

You do not need to employ someone else to make the claim for you and the Ombudsman Service offer this form to enable you to make your claim in person.

The ombudsman also offers a PPI advice line number -
0300 123 9123 for people wanting guidance on making a PPI claim.



You don't have to download our form with the attendant risks of downloading something harmful to your PC - just copy and paste our forms into a Word Document


Make sure you keep a copy of everything you send to the bank or other lender and it's always best to send it by registered post.